The Subtropic Dive Center click here now runs a daily morning trip to the Vandenberg with an 8am check in. All of their rental regs have computers for keeping a safe profile. These are not guided dives, but if you wish to hire a guide the dive center will be happy to supply one. Because of the depth of this wreck, if you are an Open Water certified diver, you will need to hire a guide. All those with an advanced certification or higher are free to dive it unsupervised.

The ex-USAFS Gen. Hoyt S. Vandenberg was first commissioned as the troop transport USNS Gen. Harry Taylor. The ship saw service in WWII, post-war immigration, the Hungarian Revolution, and the Cold War. After decommissioning, it even starred in a popular motion picture.

Now, as an artificial reef, the ship is not only a recreational resource for divers and fishermen, but will serve as an underwater classroom for the Florida Keys Community College, and be a platform for ground-breaking research in reef monitoring as mandated by the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary Management Plan.