It’s not easy living in the cone of uncertainty……

We are constantly watching the weather, tracking the storm, trying to guess which way it will go.  Living on an island in the cone of uncertainty certainly doesn’t help an already indecisive person!

Which brings me to another pathetic, indecisive group; the die hard Hillary supporters.  I am a woman.  I would have marveled in seeing Hillary as our President.  It’s not happening this year ladies so move on! If you are thinking of giving your vote to McCain/Pallin then you are a hippocrate.  You should have supported him from the beginning! Pick your values! What are they? Are you pro-choice or pro-life? Pick one! You can’t have it both ways.  I thought I had seen it all until this group showed up.  No matter which party you are for, you need to stand up for something or you’ll fall for anything!

When it comes to politics there is no cone of uncertainty.  You either agree with the Republicans, and think our Country is in good shape and are pro-life OR you agree with the Democrats and think our Country is in really bad shape and are pro-choice.  You should know where you stand on those two very basic issues.  Get involved, listen to XM radio America Left or America Right.  You can’t be both it’s impossible.  It’s like trying to be angry and loving, judgemental and compasionate, humble and arrogant, fearful and faithful.  You just can’t do it.

Which brings me to my recipe of the day, Conservative but liberal spaghetti pie:

If you are like me you use the whole box of spaghetti knowing that it will be too much food. Use up all of your refridgerated leftovers like sauce, veggies, meat and cheese. Make sure there’s nothing left in the fridge.  Squander everything for this one special pie! Promise your family you’re doing it because you love them. Put all the ingredients together in a baking dish.  Bake for 45 minutes.  Feed the pie to your neighbors and let your family starve.  Enjoy!