Sight seeing on a trolley, lounging on the beach, and sampling Conch fritters may be Nirvana for many vacationers to Key West. Those commonplace activities make for a relaxing and enjoyable time on our blissful island.  How would you like to experience the Mel Fisher Atocha Dive Adventure? Now that’s no ordinary vacation!

But what if you’re up for an extraordinary adventure? An exciting exploration you’ll talk about for the rest of your life? Set you sites on the open seas and prepare to be intrigued and amazed as you board the exploration vessel, the JB Magruder.

MelFisher1Famed explorer, Mel Fisher dedicated his life to the pursuit of the sunken treasure from the Spanish Galleon, the Nuestra Señora de Atocha, lost in the Florida Keys in 1622. Through perseverance and his confident attitude of “Today’s the Day,” his tenacity paid off when the mother load was discovered in 1985.

Throughout the years, Fisher’s team has continued his quest, continuously searching for more lost treasure. Now you are invited to join their exciting venture. The ocean floor still conceals countless riches, waiting for you to discover when you experience the Atocha Dive Adventure.

Work alongside professional treasure salvage experts as they share their knowledge of the sea’s topography and their state-of-the-art methods of locating the hidden treasure. If you are a certified diver, journey with the master divers beneath the ocean surface and undertake your own quest of discovery. Gold and silver bars, and coins listed on the ship’s original manifest are waiting to be found.

MelFisher4Plan a week long adventure with treks out to sea for diving, exploration of the reefs and camaraderie with Fisher’s expert dive team. While on land, you’ll enjoy private Old Town accommodations provided with your package, a welcome reception, as well as a VIP tour of the Mel Fisher Museum and conservation lab.

Top off your magical week with a Wind and Wine Sunset Sail and toast to the invaluable riches of new friends and priceless experiences. You may even be celebrating your own find of authentic shipwreck treasure and take home a piece of history.

Embark on an unmatched vacation adventure in Key West, a dream realized, Dive the Atocha!