Key West is so fun and exciting on New Years Eve that they put us on CNN!

Duval Street will be packed wall to wall so be ready to be immersed into a sea of drunken revelers.

There are 3 major zones on New Years Eve, spanning from one end of Duval to the other.  #1 The Sloppy Zone,  #2 The Pirate Zone and #3 The Shoe Zone.

NYE Sloppy-Joes-Bar

Zone #1 is in the 200 block of Duval Street where the Conch Shell drops from the roof of the famous Sloppy Joe’s Bar into a sea of drunken revelers.  No further description is needed if you look at the photo above.

Evalena Worthington, costumed as a pirate wench, rehearses being lowered from the mast of a sailing vessel at Schooner Wharf Bar on New Year's Eve in Key West, Florida. At midnight, Worthington is to descend as one of five unique "drops" in the Florida Keys to herald the dawn of 2013. (Melissa Pearson/Getty Images)

Zone #2 is to the memory of old Key West, the Pirate Wench dropping from the highest mast on the Schooner America 2.0 in front of the Schooner Wharf Bar on the Historic Seaport into a sea of drunken revelers.  You can attend the private Dock Party on the America 2.0 with a special ticket for front row seats and an open bar all night long. Info HERE.

NYE Sushi

Zone #3 is in what locals call, the “Pink Triangle” in the 800 block of Duval. The famous Drag Queen “Sushi” drops from the upper balcony of the Bourbon St. Pub in a giant, red, high heel stiletto shoe into a sea of drunken revelers.  This is a wonderful moment so get out your brightest feathered boa and glitter and be ready to disco-down at Midnight and pose for the CNN cameras as they capture the time-stopping moment!

The weather will be hot and the drinks will be cold, the year will be new and the past will be old.  But who the heck cares, you’ll be in Key West, In hopes that tomorrow you’ll just get to rest!

Happy New Year!