Marcial de Gomar Emeralds International, LLC

104 Duval Street, Key West


Emeralds International

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At Marcial De Gomar’s Emeralds International, LLC., you will find emeralds from the remote Andes, the jungles of Brazil, and the mountains of Africa.

Marcial De Gomar’s Emeralds International, LLC. has one of the largest collections of cut and uncut emeralds in the US or Canada, both mounted or unmounted.

It can be said that the rarest emeralds in the world come from the Florida Keys!
The history of the Atocha and the origins of the emeralds recovered on board the sunken galleon Nuestra Señora de Atocha, are a historical and fantastic adventure that has captivated treasure hunters, collectors and the world at large for almost 30 years!

Did You Know… in 1958 Manuel Marcial de Gomar acquired his first conch pearl by trading eight lobsters with Regino Castillo in the San Bernardo Islands of the coast of Colombia, South America!

Emeralds International