First of all, are Bill Clinton and “Uncle Teddy” Kennedy sharing the same nose? Seriously. I must say that Bill looks very restaline, I mean rested! Bill Botox? Bill bulbous? I’m sorry Bill.  Although, you were very well behaved tonight.  I liked how you let the Hillary supporters know that they MUST vote for Obama if they truly want what’s best for this country.  We do not need another 4 years of watching the Country getting flushed down the toilet and shame on you if you throw your vote away!

Which brings me to my Cuban Clinton chicken recipe.  Last night I recommended the #31 from El Siboney Cuban restaurant here in Key West.  Well if your not lucky enough to be here yet to taste it in person, here is my own improvised recipe for you to try-

Marinate chicken breast on the bone in olive oil & key lime juice(Nellie & Joe’s), sprinkle with lots of garlic powder, paprika, season salt, and 2 crushed garlic cloves for 2 hours.  Bake on 450 for 12 minutes turning down to 360 for another 30 minutes.  Slice sweet yellow onion thin, toss in oil, key lime juice, garlic powder & sea salt.  Sprinkle over chicken and bake another 15 minutes.  Serve with yellow rice, black beans, and plantains.  This dish, Clinton chicken is ALWAYS a hit, because even if your guests can’t stand it they will act like they like it and they’ll be very supportive of you!

Tune in tomorrow for Obama’s Mama’s key lime pie!!!