Compared to the storm at the RNC with the GOP, the tropics are looking good! And if the tropics are looking good to you then you must be one of those people with the extra gene that helps you see reality different than the rest of us.  Enjoy the bliss!

The cone of chaos, the cone of uncertainty.  Gustav, Hanna, Ike & Josephine! Give us break, please! Down here in the Keys we don’t tend to sweat the small stuff.  Sometimes we don’t even sweat the big stuff! We watch the tropics faithfully, keep our eyes on the storms, watch the track like hawks and plan accordingly.  Right now we are concerned about Ike.

This is a great place to visit in the summer because it is not crowded and really feels like a tropical island in paradise. There are some great bed & breakfasts in Key West.  The Conch House Heritage Inn for instance has rates starting at $108/nt. and is a wonderfully, elegant but casual, historic inn.  Check out their web site on www.keywestfinest.com.

Now if you will excuse me, I have to go practice my newly inspired hairdo, the “Palin ponytail”! Frazzled yet ready.