This week goes to the democrats at 5,280 feet above sea level, and a crowd of 70,000 people think so too! That’s the biggest mosh pit I have ever seen!  I’m all fired up! That’s probably because I burned the hell out of my hand! Obama is burning up too.  He’s on fire for the recovery of this Country.  Which brings me to my cooking tip on Obama’s Mama’s key lime pie.  First, let it be known that I am watching Obama and I am a Mama hence the name of the pie.

Make sure that all of your ingredients are fresh.  Especially the graham crackers for the crust and the key lime juice.  Follow the recipe on the bottle of the Nellie & Joe’s key lime juice but add a small package of cream cheese.  It cuts the sugar and the tartness and gives it a cheesecake like consistency.  Serve with real whipped cream not the Cindy McCain plastic stuff.

I had the best salad today at Azur Restaurant.  It was arugula with a warmed incredible goat cheese that melts like a Camembert, tossed in a rosemary infused honey vinaigrette.  You can view Azur’s menu in it’s entirety on this web site, www.keywestfinest.com.

I’m tired, my hand hurts, and I don’t have anything to wear for the Republican convention.  I can’t wait to tell you about McCains meatloaf! But wait, it will just be the same old recipe we’ve had for the last 8 years.  Never mind.