Southernmost House hosts the 10th Annual Willie Wonka Chocolate Festival, March 25, 2012

This fund-raiser for the Cancer Foundation of the Florida Keys relies on local businesses and individuals donating money and in-kind for this event, which features lots of cakes, cookies, candies, doughnuts, cupcakes and other culinary creations that employ chocolate.

A popular feature from last year returns: the chocolate fountain draws a crowd with an array of goodies to dip – strawberries, Krispies, bananas, pretzels.

If you love chocolate, the Southernmost House, 1400 Duval St., Key West is the place to be March 25 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

For more information, or to contribute, call Doria Goodrich at 293-7104.

The Cancer Foundation of the Florida Keys is an all-volunteer, grass roots, non-profit organization dedicated to helping cancer patients while they are undergoing treatment to battle cancer.

All funds received are given to those in need, paying rent/mortgage, utilities, and other living expenses during treatment.

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