Sometimes it seems on vacation, your wallet is always open. Unlike at home where your accommodations, your meals and your leisure activities are free, or so it seems, when you are vacationing, there’s a price tag on everything. Not so fast! You may have overlooked these priceless gems, found only in Key West, that won’t cost you a dime.  Read on to find 5 Things to Do in Key West for Free !





  1. The Beaches. There is no admission charge at Smathers Beach, Higgs Beach, or Dog Beach. Even the beach at Fort Zachary Taylor is free once you pay the minimal fee to enter the State Park. How can you put a value on sparkling, crystal clear waters and your feet nestled into the warm sand? Spread out your towel and soak up the sun.  It’s free!






  1. People Watching on Duval. Day or night, a leisurely stroll on famous Duval Street will entertain you as you witness every variety of humanity. Day trippers with cameras, maps and walking shoes sport confused expressions as they navigate the blocks searching for the Hemingway House. Sunburned vacationers teetering on unwieldy rented bicycles, alternating between streets and sidewalks. Colorful local personalities selling coconuts and baubles at sidewalk kiosks. And costumed performers inviting you to come on in and see the show. The best show is on the sidewalk and it’s always free.





  1. Mallory Square. Of course you’re there at Mallory Square for the Sunset Celebration each night to watch Mother Nature’s spectacle- she never charges for that stellar performance. But did you know there’s plenty to see and do there before sunset? Talented performers dazzle you on the high wire, juggle, contort themselves, demonstrate magic, create music and more before sunset. Don’t miss the walk through the nearby monument park in the Square documenting the military history of Key West. Ain’t free grand?





  1. Bahama Village. A town within a town, enter through the wrought iron archway at Duval and Petronia streets and read the words, “Forward Together Upward Onward.” You will have discovered a semblance of the Key West from years gone by. Amid the modest clabbered homes, well kept churches and neighborhood storefronts, there is a sense of community. You’ll see a few more chickens wandering through the yards and residents sitting on their porches visiting, just like life used to be. Home of the Community pool, neighborhood bar-b-ques, and church suppers, a glimpse of Key West you my have missed. Enjoy it freely!





  1. Historic Seaport District. Explore the lure of the sea without getting your feet wet. Begin your journey off Caroline Street when you see the multidirectional sign pointing to every destination. Follow your nose toward the salty sea air and onto the waterfront boardwalk. Your view is filled with every imaginable vessel, dingy, catamaran, and yacht. Continue past unique shops and restaurants preparing the freshest local seafood. Notice the clever monikers on each boat and pick your favorite name. It’s fun and it’s free!