j0441056What’s stopping you from taking a great vacation in Key West? Don’t think you have the funds to enjoy our tropical paradise? Let me share with you how you can, even with a less than fat wallet.  Here are 5 Ways to Vacation in Key West on a Budget!


  1. When to Go. Although Key West is a terrific place to visit any time of the year, there are times when Northerners flee the freezing temperatures and flock to the Southernmost City. That’s called High Season. Because of supply and demand, naturally room rates are highest during that time. The trick is to plan on visiting the weeks just before or after High Season. For example, before the year end holidays; look at early December for some good values. Also late spring, following the busy spring break season, rooms are available and the prices are lower. Check out Bed & Breakfast or smaller hotels, as they take care of one of your meals.
  1. Where to Eat. Key West is host to numerous exceptional restaurants featuring local specialties and fresh seafood. To use your dollars wisely, check out affordable options such as Happy Hour half price appetizers. Many restaurants and bars serve delicious fresh seafood in smaller portions if you’re willing to eat a bit earlier, between 4 and 6.  Sample several appetizers, grouper bites, conch fritters and innovative flat breads for a fraction of the price of an entrée and leave with a satisfied, full tummy. Food wagons located throughout Key West are also an affordable and tasty option, with specialties including Organic, Mexican, and Cuban foods. Venture just off the island and find a variety of reasonably priced eateries on Stock Island.
  1. What to Do. If you didn’t have a dime in your pocket, you could enjoy many activities that make Key West so unique. Walk along the waterfront promenade on South Roosevelt Boulevard to Smathers Beach. Take your place on the sand and spend the day frolicking in the water or lounging under a palm tree. You may just be tempted by an inexpensive, icy treat sold along the beach. Higgs Beach is also a free venue to relax, people watch, or take a dip. There’s even a innovative playground for the kids. The nearby White Street pier, AIDS memorial, and slave memorial are no cost ways to learn about some Key West history. A very walkable city, take off on foot to explore the historic Marina District with boats of every description. Wander through neighborhoods with picturesque homes and colorful flowers to delight. At the end of the day, the Sunset Celebration on Mallory Square is the best free entertainment you’ll ever see. Musicians, jugglers, a high wire act; be prepared for anything except paying a bill.
  1. How to Get Around. Depending on where you decide to stay in Key West, a comfortable pair of shoes or flip flops may be the only transportation you need. On a two mile by four mile island, nothing is too far away, so walk when you can to enjoy the Key West vibe. Bicycles are common here with many providers offering daily or weekly rates. Also check with your hotel or B&B, they may include complimentary bicycles to use while you’re there. City buses run daily and efficiently get you across the island. It’s also a great way to meet some friendly locals who will recommend their favorite off the path, local hangout. If you want to take a city tour or other fun activity, check out our website for special pricing.
  1. Why You Will Love Key West. You have choices of where to go on vacation inexpensively, like staying with family. Hmmm. So why come here if you’re watching your pennies? The weather. Blue skies. Sunshine. Sure it does rain in Key West, but the climate is semi-arid, we can grow cactus here. Chances are you will see sunshine and blue skies on your vacation. Never freezes. Key West is the only locale in the contiguous United States that has never experienced a frost or snow. And if you visit in the summer, no triple digit temperature here, mostly 80’s to 90 with a balmy breeze. Besides the perfect climate, and the picture perfect beauty of the island, what will make your vacation in Key West exceptionally perfect for you are the people you’ll meet. Our locals are friendly and helpful. They are happy to be living here and will go out of their way to make sure you enjoy your stay. Are you lost? Have a flat tire on your bike? Misplaced your cell phone? Just ask and we’ll direct you on your way or even take you where you need to go.