Known as the food of the gods, Ambrosia was reserved for divine beings. Take your place among the heavenly ranks as you experience the culinary Zen of Ambrosia Sushi Restaurant. The moment you walk through the glass doors, the serene and sophisticated decor invite further exploration. Take a seat on a high backed banquette and breathe in mesmerizing aromas coming from the masters at work at the theater style sushi bar.




Undulating patterns on walls and translucent window fabrics remind you of the sea. A glimpse beyond the dining room reveals a relaxing scene of lush greenery and the nearby Santa Maria Suites pool. Sculptural interior light fixtures and modern furnishings create a serene setting for the culinary adventure to come.




The extensive and inventive menu features the finest sushi and sashimi for the connoisseur’s palate, all artfully presented. Curiosities include the Dragon roll, in the guise of barbecued eel, asparagus, scallions, cream cheese, smelt roe topped with avocado and eel sauce. Always a favorite, the signature Playmate roll, deep fried with rich dynamite sauce is a must. Feeling daring, the Super Atomic roll with fresh tuna will not disappoint if what you seek is heat.


Can’t decide? Try the Ambrosia for Two. Begin with the Miso soup, followed by an attractive assortment that you choose for a taste of all their specialties, enough for everyone to sample.


Meat lovers will savor the Wagu Ishyaka, premium tender Kobe beef served “cook-it-yourself” at the table on a hot stone. For a more traditional fare, delight your taste buds with the flavorful Pork Katsu, the Ambrosia Chicken Teriyaki and Tempura style, fresh seafood and vegetables.




The Ambrosia experience is not complete without a visit to the dramatically lit Sake Bar. Serving more than a dozen options, you may sample the subtleties of the finest Dai-Gingyo saki, bold and fruity Gingyo selections, and the delicate to sharp varieties of Junmai.




If Zen be complete and ultimate enjoyment, you have found that perfection at Ambrosia Sushi Restaurant.


Open for lunch and dinner.  Call 305-293-0304 for dinner reservations.