Exclusive interview with Facebook Influencer Amber Debevec, Queen of Key West’s Finest Conchfish Nation and her annual VIP extravaganza for the most dedicated of social media fans. What are these VIP experiences? Will emotional support animals be welcome? Who will wear the most outrageous costume yet? Let’s find out.

Kevin: Why are there so many Conchfish descending on Key West at the end of April? Will they be in costume?
Amber: The end of April signifies Conchfish mating season aka the Meeting of the Mindless and this magnificent species will be gathering at various watering holes for food, fun, fellowship and fantastic VIP events sponsored by many of the great local businesses in the Key West’s Finest Network.  And yes, they’ll be dressed as really drunk Pirates!

Kevin: What are some of these VIP experiences and can my emotional support animal attend?
Amber: We kick off the week with a VIP party upstairs at Irish Kevins sponsored by Irish Kevins and Key West Smuggler followed by a day out at Marvin Key on the Backcountry Boat Rentals Slideboats. The remaining days and nights are filled with parties sponsored by The Perry Hotel, Schooner Jolly II Rover, The White Tarpon, The Rum Bar, Hemingway Rum Company, The Marker Resort, Cuban Coffee Queen, and the Southernmost Beach Resort. Our luncheon at First Flight Brewery is pet friendly as are the events at The Perry Hotel and The White Tarpon.  After this crazy week you will definitely need your emotional support animal and possibly professional emotional support.

Kevin: What if I’m not the world’s biggest drinker? Will I still be able to have just as many shenanigans?
Amber: One of our favorite places to go is the Key West First Legal Rum Distillery and as you can see in the photos below there were shenanigans a plenty.  However, we do not discriminate and have no idea what your actual blood alcohol level really is.  As long as you are wearing the t-shirt or a pirate costume and yelling arrrrggghh..you are guaranteed to fit in.

Kevin: Will I have to bring my own pirate costumes or will you be helping us create our own?
Amber: Our theme this year is Piratefish in Paradise and it’s BYOPC.  We are supplying a fabulous variety of the latest in evening pirate headwear and accessories.  My BFF Kevin Assam is a whiz at making DIY tutus so I’m sure he can “hook” you up with a cool red and black one like mine.

Kevin: What deals will be had by any attending Conchfish? Key West has the reputation of being expensive.
Amber: During this exclusive week we focus on VIP experiences that normal people can’t do.  If you want deals, you’ll have to follow our Key West Finest Facebook page and become a #Supporter.  Membership has its benefits!

Kevin: I want to go to the secret spots of Key West adventures and nightlife. Tell me about one of the ones you’ll be taking us to.
Amber: I’m not sure I trust you knowing this secret information but here is a little tidbit: One of the cool places we will be going is the West Lawn of the Southernmost Beach Resort. It’s a hidden gem that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean with hammocks and adirondacks.  There’s a Friday night open Bacardi bar with all you can eat Sundowner Sushi and a live DJ for dancing.  That will be our Closing Party so come meet-up with us!

Kevin: It’s hard to make me laugh unless it involves adorable babies or jet ski wipeouts. What makes you think I’ll enjoy this comedy show?
Amber: Actually it’s a total $#!#show and you’re guaranteed at least one good laugh! If it’s a real Comedy Show you want, go and see my friends at Comedy Key West every Thursday and Friday night at The BottleCap, 1128 Simonton St.  It sells out so get your tix online first.

Kevin: What if I don’t want to do an event but rather pursue my Jimmy Buffett dreams down at Mallory Square? Will the CFN come support me?
Amber: Can you juggle fire and ride a unicycle? If not, forget it.  Besides, we bring the music! We have our official radio station and musicians that tour with us.  B-Man & mi-Shell and Dani Hoy are two of our main Conchfish bands and we have Tiki Man Radio, the official station of the Conchfish Nation playing our favorite Coastal Americana music online-all the time.  Sorry Jimmy!

Kevin: My travel buddy had to go to an AA convention at the last minute. What accommodation do you recommend? Would I be able to stay with you?
Amber: I’m sure that in a few short years this Reunion will have transformed into a convention itself.  My guest room is occupied this week but my buddy Chris aka Da Mayor has an extra room at his house! (you can find him in the CFN group)

Will attending the CFN celebrations help launch my career as a social media star?
Amber: Most likely yes.  All of the Conchfish Nation are social media savvy, that’s how they rose to Elite Conchfish status- by becoming Top Fans on our Key West Finest Facebook page and the rest is history!

Kevin: Key West is all about community.  How will you be playing the role of being One Human Family?
Amber: Funny you should ask.  We have a community service project coordinated by B-Man called “Plogging” where we go around and pick up trash on the beaches.  This year we are doing the perimeter of the Key West Cemetery.  Want to join up? We’ll be there Wednesday morning at 9am!

Kevin: Is it true that there will be a surprise celebrity guest at the last night of festivities?
Amber: No that’s fake news.  The Celebrity Guest will be at our Conchfish Luncheon on Tuesday!


How to get into the Conchfish Nation: You can request to join the Conchfish Nation Facebook group and you must pass the entrance exam by answering all three of the secret questions.  Once you’re in the group you’ll find out all about our random Meetups and bi-annual Reunions.

“One Nation Under Conch”