Hello Finest Foodies!

This week I am giving you a review of my very favorite Key West Sushi restaurant, Ambrosia
located at 1401 Simonton Street in the Santa Maria Suites.

I have blessed you with mouth watering pics of all of my go-to dishes.
If you are an adventurous eater, then walk this way to our table for two!
If you are a Sushi-wussy then may I suggest the California Roll at Publix.

The first thing I do when I sit down at Ambrosia is to
put in an order for the Playmate Roll. It literally only takes about seven minutes and is
one of the best things on the menu hands down.
The Playmate consists of Eel, fishcake, avocado & cream cheese rolled
in Macadamia nuts then flash-fried and served with dynamite and eel sauce.
This dish is so amazing you’ll be addicted on the first bite! See photo below.

As I go down the sushi menu with my mini-golf sized pencil, I circle all of my usual freaky favorites.
One of my newest additions is the Sweet Shrimp. I am a total shrimp snob since I am
from Key West and we get them fresh off the boat. I can instantly tell that these shrimp are not local.
(this is one rare time you will hear me be ok with that)
They don’t smell or look like local Pinks and they are definitely not Tiger or Rock Shrimp. Wherever
they are visiting from they are sweet, succulent and clean tasting. Sweet Shrimp are served along with the heads, fried including the eyeballs!
Don’t get me wrong, I like the heads, they’re crispy and flavorful so what’s not to love?
The EYEBALLS that’s what!
I struggle with those little black eyes looking right up at me and I still
don’t know what to do with them! Do I pick them out? Eat them? Forfeit the game?
Can someone else please come and take them out for me? Ugh, my only Sushi challenge.

This review would be amiss if I didn’t tell you about my absolute favorite thing on the menu.
The Spicy Scallop sushi! Just order it, eat it and thank me later.
I also recommend trying Uni, Sea Urchin at least once in your life. It is like eating the
essence of the sea! So pure and clean yet mysterious and dangerous. This takes some Sushi-courage
but if it’s fresh and top notch like it is at Ambrosia, it will be an experience you’ll never forget! (trust me)

Uni, Sweet Shrimp, Spicy Scallops and more...

No visit to any Japanese Sushi bar would be complete without the amazing Spider Roll!
Notice his sidekicks Hamachi Heat and Beauty and the Beast. Two dynamic duos that
pack a punch and will have you screaming for justice.

Fried Red Bean Ice Cream with Honey Syrup

I just had to show you these two unique delectable desserts.
Fried red bean ice cream with it’s woodsy and peculiar essence that is fried in tempura
batter and served with a light honey-type of simple syrup.
The black sesame creme brulee is seductive and sinful with it’s rich buttery-smokey creme
and a light crackle crust. These are both winners in my dessert play-book!

Ambrosia has a fantastic Sake Bar
with the largest collection of imported Saki on the island. The dining room boasts
a modern, sophisticated atmosphere with a hint of Miami elegance.

Do yourself a favor and go to Ambrosia.

Key West’s Finest Foodie gives Ambrosia: Five Finest Fingers.

Until next time, save room for dessert!

Finest Foodie