In light of the rousing response in January, 2010, the Florida Keys Traditional Music Festival is returning to Marathon for a second year over the weekend of January 28-30, 2011. The event will again be held at Boatman’s Sombrero Resort at 19 Sombrero Boulevard in Marathon.

It will be an all-weather event, housed in a large tent at the Resort, and chairs will be provided. Tickets are $20 for each of four concerts, but before January 3, 2011 the four concert series can be purchased for $70. Tickets are available on the Festival website, www.keysmusicfest.org.

Like the first year, the Festival will feature some of the finest traditional artists from across the country. Three of the seven featured performers are returning by popular demand; the others will be appearing for the very first time in the Florida Keys. The Festival’s four concert programs will be benefit performances. All the musicians will perform without pay as participants in “Artists for the Traditional Arts,” an informal group organized by artists themselves to support the work of the non-profit National Council for the Traditional Arts (the NCTA), which is producing the event.

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