The Matecumbe Historical Trust Corp. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the education, history and preservation of the Florida Keys with it’s mission to enrich the lives of Florida Keys residents and visitors by providing them with the region’s history, artifacts, photographs and other historically significant resources.

The group works to reserve the history of the Florida Keys through the Irving R. Eyster Museum which will display and house historical artifacts, documents and memorabilia.

William J. Matheson, a wealthy dye manufacturer, came to Coconut Grove in 1903 due to the insistence of his son, Hugh, who was a student at Ransom School. William J. Matheson must have fallen in love with South Florida. Only four years later, he had purchased 1700 acres of Biscayne Key. He planted 2/3 of this island in fruit and then in coconuts, making it the largest coconut plantation in the United States.

June 28 2010 6:30 PM Island Community Church MM83

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