Amber’s Ultimate Key Lime Pie Recipe


1 package honey graham crackers crushed (not pre-crushed, that tastes icky)
1/2 cup toasted unsalted cashews crushed (secret ingredient)
1 stick melted butter, unsalted


1/2 c. Key Lime Juice(we prefer “Nellie and Joe”s” Key Lime Juice)
3 Egg Yolks
1 Can sweetened condensed milk
4 oz. whipped Philadelphia brand cream cheese (secret ingredient)

Bake crust in oven at 350 for 8 min.
Pour in pie filling and bake for another 30 minutes then cool and chill.

Top with fresh whipped cream or canned but NOT cool whip, yuck!
Grate a little fresh Key Lime zest on top of the whipped cream for a little zip!
I once topped it with marshmallow fluff and toasted it under the broiler and it was great!

klp amber marsh

Toasted Marshmallow Fluff!









You can pretty much find Key Lime Pie on every restaurant menu in town.  Most restaurants follow the classic recipe on the back of the bottle (the three ingredients) and some will add a little twist to make it their own.  I was lucky enough to be a Judge for the Key Lime Pie contest one year during the Key Lime Festival and I got to taste about 30 different versions of this pie! I can barely eat it now but when I do, it’s usually my own.  Next to mine I’d say that  Blue Heaven and Salute have the best in town.

I know for sure that you can find bottled Key Lime juice in most grocery stores around the country.  I once found it in Kentucky! Don’t ask me what I was doing there, it was temporary insanity. So go grab a bottle of juice and start baking! Impress all of your friends and take your pie to a summer bbq! You can even make a frozen version by using yucky Cool Whip but I’m not co-signing on that one!

Remember, if it’s green its gross! Stay yellow my friends and come to Key West soon!

Happy eating!

Amber, Key West Finest