The mission of the Key West Film Festival is to showcase films that exhibit excellence in storytelling and capture the essence of what Key West is all about: Creativity, Diversity, Sustainability, and Beauty. The strength of our community lies in the collection of a wide range of backgrounds, aesthetics, technical skills, and artistic sensibilities. We are at our best only when our differences are welcomed and proudly on display.

The quality of what we get out of tomorrow is determined in large part by what we put into today. We believe that a focus on fostering strong relationships with the environment and our community in everything we do will ensure that short term objectives are reached and long term goals are always in sight.

The four-day program is to include more than 30 films from multiple genres and categories as well as social events with filmmakers, actors and film lovers. Program highlights include a directorial debut from Dustin Hoffman in Quartet, a first-in-Florida premier of Journey to the Planet X and many more screenings whose impressive lineups of actors include Clive Owen, Sissy Spacek, Olympia Dukakis, among others.