Key West’s Best Food, It’s not what you think, and if you’re lucky enough to have access to a mango tree, you’re lucky enough.  We’ve waited all year for these succulent beauties to ripen. This fruit of the gods is ready to bestow its tasty golden goodness on us, mere mortals.

Key West's Best Food, It's not What you Think!





You may think, “I’ve tried mangoes- don’t like them.  ”That’s only because you have sampled a grocery store version, rarely ripe and pale by comparison. A fresh off the tree mango is luscious and sweet with a buttery smoothness you will love.

Say yes to anyone who offers you a couple or a basket full. Enjoy a fresh mango while they last and freeze the rest when you’re bursting from mango mania.

Key West Restaurants on the Water

Fresh Catch with Mango Salsa

Local restaurants, like Southernmost Beach Cafe are sure to have menu offering of mango salsa with seafood, sweet and savory pairing of mango with meat and mango ice cream. Yum! Consider yourself lucky enough.