My new Finest Friend Antero was in town visiting from Miami over Lobsterfest weekend and asked if would I care to join him for dinner at Firefly. I was game and up for a culinary adventure!

We started with the Fried Green Tomatoes with a bacon aioli. They were crisp, tart and juicy with a cornmeal crust.

This was a rustic Southern style dish and a great way to start our foodie frenzy!

Fried Green Tomatoes

For dinner we had to have the Fried Chicken!
It was served with mashed potatoes and gravy and
roasted corn on the cob. I asked for some honey
for my chicken but they were all out so they brought me some
cold Agave syrup which almost served the purpose.
It would have been better warmed with a touch of cinnamon.
Also, PLEASE do not serve me a DRUMSTICK unless I
am coloring and drinking from a sippy-cup. Thank you.

I noticed that the dishes I had at Firefly each
contained one mystery ingredient that kept me guessing.
With the Fried Green Tomatoes it was the bacon in the aioli.
The Fried Chicken had either Thyme or Rosemary, you’d think it
would be so easy to guess but I was stumped! The gravy on the
mashed potatoes was made with a demi-glaze base that seemed to have
had a Madera wine or something similar on the sweet side.
The roasted corn had chili powder and perhaps Cumin? It was
exciting to have all of those different spices and I think
they do it on purpose kind of as a signature that they aren’t
boring or trying to play it safe. I appreciated that.

I love the flavors and the rustic Southern style dishes. On my
list that I would have loved to review but didn’t get a chance to try
were the Deviled Eggs, Pickled Watermelon Salad and Mac n Cheese.
These are three dishes in my personal culinary repertiore and I
consider myself an expert at them so they will be fun to review next time.
I also want to try the Chicken n Waffles. I bet they have a
sweet syrup for that dish! Perhaps I’ll need to amend this review?

Dessert was VERY impressive! We ordered the fried cinnamon sugared
doughnuts that were served with a little skillet of hot home made caramel for
dipping. There’s nothing I love more than on-point home made caramel sauce!
Except for maybe home made Coconut Cream Pie! It was fantastic with a home-made crust,
home-made coconut custard and REAL whipped cream! It could have used a much stronger coconut
flavor but it was still one of the best pieces pie on the island. It better be for $9.

The atmosphere is very nice and they have a lovely balcony with firefly lights hanging above.
I would suggest sitting outside there. Even on a hot August night it was beautiful.
There were Key West characters on the street below, riding their lighted decked out bicycles,
playing their music and having conversations. The live music from the balcony went out into
the balmy salted air and combined with a waft of night blooming Jasmine making for a perfect night in Paradise!

"Finest Fan Antero with Finest Foodie at Firefly"

Finest Foodie gives Firefly two thumbs up!

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