Angela CottageLive Like a Local, Rent Key West! The best way to experience Key West is to feel like you live here. Don’t be satisfied with the four ordinary walls of a typical hotel room. You want personality. You want space.

The charming and unique properties provided by Rent Key West will guarantee you the experience of having a home in Key West. You will walk or bicycle to convenient stores and nearby restaurants just like the locals do. You are never far from a beach or park to while away your day.

Where would you want to live on this island paradise? Beach Club
Beachfront condo?
Conch cottage?
Multi-bedroom compound?
Describe your perfect place and Rent Key West can accommodate your desires.

How long will you stay? With options available from one week to several months, check your calendar and then check in for as long as you like, just like home.

One of the most interesting things to do while in Key West is to walk through the Old Town neighborhoods. With the convenient locations of many Rent Key West homes, you are already there. Relaxing on your front porch as neighbors walk by and call out a friendly greeting, you feel the essence of island life.

Ann Street TranquilityRetreat to your backyard oasis surrounded by lush greenery and a calming pool for a private sojourn. At the end of the day, you may certainly enjoy the convenience of your fully equipped kitchen, or choose to venture out and experience the island flavors of an intriguing restaurant close by.

Prefer to have a more active stay? Allow the Concierge service of Rent Key West to coordinate your plans. If you are looking for fun on the water, fishing, kayaking, an historic area tour, a round of golf, or even a pampering spa day, let their expert staff suggest and arrange your perfect adventure.

Louisa HouseHow would it feel to live in Key West? Plan your stay with Rent Key West and feel like you’re home.