It’s official guys and gals! It is now acceptable to interject imaginary characters into Presidential debates! Introducing “Joe the plumber”! Joe is a guy named Sam, who is not really a licensed plumber, who is worried about being taxed on a business he doesn’t own. Joe-Sam is worried about paying taxes on money he’s not earning and he currently owes back taxes on what he has earned! This is what the McCain campaign came up with for their last debate before election day?! Brilliant! It doesn’t get any better than this folks! Or does it……oh, I believe it does.

Let’s straight talk express about “spreading the wealth” shall we? Just who’s wealth do you think Obama’s policy is referring to? It’s not Joe the Plumbers wealth I can tell you that!  Anyone who is actually, (not imagining) that they are making over $250,000 year will see a 3% tax increase. Pay your fair share and get over it!  Be thankful you make more money than Joe-the-plumber!

Which brings me to my recipe of the day:

“Joe the plumber’s” 15 minutes of fame white lasagna.

Saute crumbled turkey Italian sausage or Key West stone crab and lobster meat(depending on if you own the plumbing business yet) with onion and garlic.  Set aside along with the tax payment you owe.  Steam some fresh kale, Swiss chard or dollar bills.  Drain well  (like your 401k).  Add to decadent crab & lobster or economical sausage mixture (depending on who gets elected President).  Meanwhile in a sauce pan melt 3 tablespoons butter, add 3 tablespoons flour, cook for one minute.  Add 2 cups of milk and cook until thick. (like your scull if you haven’t figured out who’s plan makes you poor).  Layer all the ingredients with lasagna noodles and top with fontina cheese.  Bake at 350 for 25 minutes. Serve on national television while claiming to be the Queen of England! Bon Appetito!

By the way, is anybody paying attention to the black voting boxes? Of course not! You’re too busy looking at the Acorn distraction! Can you say decoy? D E C O Y.  Ever hear the joke about the guy taking a wheel barrel loaded with straw home every day from work? The guard just knew that the man was stealing something in that wheel barrel.  Every day the man left with a wheel barrel full of straw and everyday the guard searched the straw and found nothing.  Turns out that the man was stealing wheel barrels! So be sure to keep your eye on that Acorn group!

Coming Attractions:

Osama Bin Laden’s world premier pre-election video!