Greetings from sunny Key West!

October is here so let the insanity begin! Actually, the first half of October is very mellow and a great time to come if you want some quite time. The water is PERFECT and the hotel rates are at their lowest check here.
Now, the second half………not so calm. The week of the 18th starts off with Goombay Festival. A Bahamian street fair that is pretty mild, family friendly and a very local event. For some reason, there is a lot of “meat on a stick” served at Goombay. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good corn dog but this meat on a stick thing has gotten out of hand. Chicken, steak, pork, saugage, pork-sausage, more sausage, lamb, mystery meat, who the heck knows what’s on there!? El passo!! Now last year, I had some amazing Conch salad with fresh lime and a freshly-caught, local fried fish sandwich cooked by two super funny old Conchs! That was awesome and they were true local characters. I highly suggest sticking with the local vendors. Steer clear of the first 50 ft of vendors on Petronia Street if you want to shop local as the first ones are usually from out of town with various meats on a stick and corn patties with cheese. No thanks, but that’s just me. El passo.
A little tip for you: I like to go in the late afternoon before sunset. It’s not as crazy or hot and that is when the Junkanoo Band appears at the end of Petronia street and is quite a sight!

Now, onto Fantasy Fest…..that madness starts on Monday October 21st-Saturday October 28th. There are more events than ever this year! If you like to wear sexy lingerie and flaunt what God or your Plastic Surgeon gave you then this is your week! You can paint your boobs and feel as free as a bird! Just don’t come up to me and suggest that I do it ok? I’ll come to your town and we’ll see how that goes over. Anyways…….here’s another helpful hint for you……Key West is short about 300 rooms this year with the renovations of four major hotels in progress and closed for business. YOU NEED ADVANCED RESERVATIONS! Do not try to book at the very last minute unless you have won the lotto recently.

There may still be some rooms available, check here.

Oh, we do still celebrate Halloween here! We have excellent Trick or Treating and the drunk, naked people should be long gone by then and we can resume our regularly scheduled program and return to Family friendly mode.

Living here is nuts- but we like it that way.

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