The Key West Art in Public Places Board was created in 2000 to help in the creation of new beautiful works of art for our residents and visitors to enjoy in various public locations around our island. The mission of the board is: “To advise the City Commission in the selection and location of public art in the City of Key West; to enhance and maintain the character and identity of our island community through the aesthetic of public art; to create a physical and human environment which nurtures artists, arts organizations, and arts producers; to nurture and preserve cultural diversity consistent with and reflecting Key West’s population; and to promote the inclusion of aesthetic considerations in local decision-making through advocacy, services, financial and technical assistance, and leadership in the community.” Art in Public Places Board is a member of the Florida Association of Public Art Professionals.

The Key West Art in Public Places Board seeks original poems, prose, lyrics and haiku to be immortalized, along with the author’s name, on the sidewalks of Key West! CLICK HERE to find out how you can submit original short works for the Key West Sidewalk Poetry Project 2013. Winning entries will receive a $100 prize per selected poem.


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