Free fresh coconut water! Look for the porch with about 50 coconuts with straws sticking out of them on the corner of Simonton and South Streets at the Southernmost Deli. Fresh coconut water is the most hydrating liquid on the planet. Perfect for the hot summer days.
Another cool place to get out of the heat that doesn’t cost a penny is the Eco-Discovery Center at the end of Southard Street. Interactive and informative. A mock submarine and 20 minute underwater movie make this a cool summer attraction.
Azur restaurant has a $5 summer lunch special. Also, El Siboney Cuban restaurant has huge portions that you can share all for under $10.
East and West Martello Towers. No fee, just a donation. Tons of history. Art & gardens. Great postcard perfect photo opts.
A late afternoon stroll through the Key West Cemetery is very peaceful! One tip, don’t stay past sunset or else you will get locked in! Trust me.
Watching the Sunset Celebration from the Top of the Crown Plaza La Concha is another unique activity that is a well kept secret. Just take the elevator behind Starbucks to the “Top.” Again, free.
Clinton Square Mall, a/c, free fudge samples and a free, kind of strange parrot/jungle/exhibit with a small planetarium on the 3rd floor. Mosey out back to the Westin Pier at sunset for loads of free entertainment.
For a totally bizarre just for kicks thrill, head up to the 3rd floor of the Bull & Whistle to the Garden of Eden for a totally naked laugh. Freak out your friends! Finish your night with a stroll up Duval past the 801 Club to see all of the beautiful drag queens! The really look great and they are funny as hell!
Well, I hope you had a fun day in Key West and remember, sometimes you can get somethin for nothin!