The South Florida Symphony Presents Its Summer Chamber Series

The program entitled Antonín Dvořák: American string quartet, opus 96 in F major, is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: String Quartet in G Major, K. 387 (No. 1 of 6 Quartets dedicated to Haydn)

Written in 1893, during Dvořák’s visit to the United States, Dvořák wrote that the quartet, one of the most popular in the chamber music repertoire, is influenced by American folk music.

Motivated purely by inspiration and respect, Mozart worked hard over a period of roughly two years to compose what became the set of six quartets he dedicated to Haydn.

The Arts Garage, Delray Beach ~ Saturday, July 7 ~ 8 pm
All Saints Episcopal Church, Fort Lauderdale ~ Sunday, July 8 ~ 7 pm
Tropic Cinema, Key West ~ Wednesday, July 11 ~ 7 pm

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