It’s Thanksgiving week and all is well in Paradise! The weather in Key West has been superb and we are getting ready for our Holiday Christmas Parade on Saturday December 6th.  The Christmas decorations are up, the palm trees are aglow, and we are all planning our Conch Tour Train and Trolley rides for caroling.  Christmas time in the Keys is spectacular! It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

There is still time to book your room and get a good deal.  The new “Southernmost on the Beach” hotel rooms are now open and they are unsurpassed in quality and have ocean views that will leave you breathless! Check out the “Special Offers” banner on the home page of this web site for “Southernmost on the Beach”.

I am so grateful to be a full time Key West resident! There’s no place in the USA like Key West!

Which brings me to my recipe of the day, Thankful For The Good Times Trifle:

Bake a pumpkin bread.  Arrange slices of pumpkin bread in a glass trifle bowl. If you don’t know what a trifle bowl is, it’s a sophisticated dessert bowl that you could put jello and Twinkies in and it would look decadent!

Saute sliced fuji or other sweet red apples (for abundance)in brown sugar, butter, and a tablespoon rum.  Pour over cake layer.  Next, mix together pumpkin pie filling and Philadelphia cheesecake filling.  Pour on top of apples.  Make fresh whipped cream spiced with nutmeg, vanilla & sugar.  Spread on top.  Garnish with candied pecans and fresh mint leaves.

This dish is so rich and delicious that it will make anyone who comes in contact with it feel rich and delicious.  Let’s all be thankful for the abundance that we have been blessed with whether it is money, friends, food, good health or a loving family.  Now go shopping!