So much fun can be enjoyed on the waters of Key West, boating, kayaking, paddle boarding and more. But if you’re just on the water and not under the beautiful clear waters, you are missing the most interesting half of the Key West adventure. Divers Direct will take you there.

key-west-store-locationDon’t leave your exploration of all the wonders these waters hold to chance. Divers Direct, conveniently located at 535 Greene Street, is the premier outfitter of everything you need for a safe and magical adventure. Not only is the equipment excellent, the team at Divers Direct knows their stuff. They are water enthusiasts, just like you, and speak from their own experience. Anyone can read a brochure, but wouldn’t you want a recommendation from someone who knows?

11193217_10155501257700284_2190952058023599491_nWhether you are a novice to diving or a seasoned diver, the massive selection of gear at Diver Direct will impress you. They are the world’s largest authorized scuba gear and scuba diving equipment retailer. Carefully selected for quality and great value, their inventory and professional assistance by the GearUp Experts ensures your choices will get you started right.

Scuba instruction by Divers Direct is thorough and fun. Begin with their online training before you arrive for a head start. Then dive in further with expert and entertaining instruction and certification onsite.

885749_10155726641470284_4827816810437429656_oOutfitted, self assured, where do you go next? Divers Direct has that covered too. They know the best places to dive in the Keys. Are you ready to behold the stunning coral and exquisite sea creatures in their natural habitat? Want to glide along with magnificent fish and mammals of the sea? How about discovering a sunken ship? Then grab your gear and go!

10494939_10155698006735284_4910063205216715327_oDivers Direct will recommend selected locales throughout the Keys to maximize your diving, snorkeling and viewing enjoyment. Their hosted Dive and Travel Events take you beyond our waters to exotic diving locales, such as Belize.

11393561_10155694882735284_5037703137337406245_oConvenience, selection, expert knowledge, and six locations throughout Florida, all add up to make Divers Direct your one stop before you get into the Key West waters. Take the plunge!