They say that the Locals create the culture of a town.  That’s why we have compiled this list, “We Love That About Key West”!

Amber Key West

Friendly Locals!

You’re standing on a street corner, map in hand. Which way to Duval Street? Is this upper or lower Duval? Within seconds, a helpful local comes to your aid, gently turning the map right side up. Yes, most of us were once tourists ourselves. There’s nothing like a local’s recommendation to discover a great place to eat. Being friendly and helpful is a distinctive Key West trait.  That’s why you love Amber from Key West’s Finest! She IS that Local on the street who’s there to guide you!

We love that about Key West!


Fun Locals!

It’s not uncommon to hear blasts of every kind of music coming through the open doors of Key West bars. What will take you by surprise are the booming sounds of our own music man, Mr. Chapman, the one man band. With colorful flashing lights covering his signature tricycle, Duval Street vibrates with the classic tunes generated by his portable music system. As he pedals from one end of Duval to the other, with a ready smile and a friendly wave, Mr. Chapman is Key West’s music ambassador.

We love that about Key West!


Creative Locals!

Being on the remote last island from the mainland seems like a cultural wasteland, so far from civilization. Think we’re forced to go all the way up to the cities, Miami, Atlanta or New York for a cultural fix? Heavens, no! Key West attracts the best and brightest in the performing arts, literature and the fine arts. Our vibrant community appreciates all manner of entertainment and invites musicians, actors, writers and critical thinkers to contribute to the culture our town.

We love that about Key West!


Diverse Locals!

Community describes more than an area or a population. The Key West community embodies a unique kinship. Accepting of diverse lifestyles, the motto of “We are all equal members of One Human Family” leaves no doubt about our philosophy. Going beyond mere words is the cooperative spirit, bringing people together in support of countless programs and fund raisers to ensure no one is left wanting. Key West is generous.

We love that about Key West!


Casual Locals!

Outdoors, in much of the country, can be described as a place to go on a nice day. You only venture out to if it’s not raining or snowing, or too cold or too hot. The weather is always the first topic of conversation. And then there is the extensive wardrobe required the coats, the boots, and the layer upon layer. With the enviable distinction of never seeing frost, Key West shorts and Kino’s or flip flops are the only wardrobe you need here, all year round.

We love that about Key West!