What you don’t know abut Key West parking may cost you.

You’ve driven around the block a couple times when you finally glimpse an open parking place.  Hallelujah!
Maneuvering into the space with your special parallel parking skills, it’s a perfect fit.
As you exit your car, you notice some lettering on the pavement under the car.




What does that mean?
Ignore this message at your peril. Parking there may result in a hefty fine.

One of the perks to living in Key West is the availability of certain parking places to residents with a special permit.
Another reason we call this place home!
Instead, park in any unmarked spots in residential areas.



When you see a sign, Pay to Park in This Block, look for a blue, five foot tall kiosk that prints out a parking stub to display on the dashboard of your car.
The system assumes you will park a minimum of 30 minutes, so as you add more time in intervals of 30 minutes or an hour, you are adding time to that first thirty minutes.
If you add one hour, you will have an hour and thirty minutes on your parking stub.  Using this kiosk allows you to move your car around town from spot to spot without having to put money in each meter. Remember that!
More time to explore.



Another “parking” option is to use the Park n Ride Garage on Grinnelle & Caroline where you park for $2.00/hr. or $13.00/day and take the public transportation bus around town.  I would park there but I might choose to walk instead because Caroline Street is a great shopping street .  You can also opt to walk along the Boardwalk on the water stopping along the way for great live music and Happy Hour specials!

I don’t know what any of the below information really has to do with “parking” but take it for what it is.  Helpful inside info!


Now that your car is parked and you’re cruising down the boarkwalk, don’t chance walking into just any hole in the wall bar and pay for pricey food and cocktails.  Happy Hour happens every night from 4:30-6:30 at most participating establishments.  Sometimes I try to hit three in two hours!
Download my good buddy Craig’s Happy Hour Key West App! It’s awesome and gives you  ALL of the Happy Hour deals on food and drinks!


JEEP RENTALSJeep fb hwy copy

This is a brand new option in town and great if you want to venture up the Keys a little and do some Kayaking or Paddle Boarding! These guys rent Jeep Wranglers with all the bells and whistles! They will even take the doors off for you, load you up with a cooler full of ice, drinks and snacks, give you a map, stick a bike or Kayak on the roof and send you on an adventure of a lifetime! Check out Key West Jeep Rentals and tell Don the GM that Amber sent you!




Another little trick is to hop on one of the two Trolley companies, Old Town Trolley or City View Trolley and take advantage of their “hop-on, hop-off” policy.   The Trolleys stop at all of the top Key West attractions and you can ride all day long from stop to stop.  This is a great way to see the sights and not have to deal with or pay for parking.




As a Mom and concerned parent, I cannot with a clear conscious suggest that you hop on a scooter.  This town is full of people like you, looky-looeing around and not paying any attention.  However, if you are an experienced motorcycle rider then go right ahead and while you’re at it, use Barefoot Billy’s.  As for Electric Cars, they are a blast! My good friends Chris and Kelley were here last month and they rented an electric car.  I was the DD that night and got to drive us all over town! This, to me is the best way to go.  It might get a little bit pricey but if you can swing it then go for it.  I’ll probably have to reconsider this recommendation when I get out there in my own car and realize that I’m stuck behind you going 17 mph so step on the gas for God’s sake!

And what else can I help you with?