Hurricane Ike has been steamrolling towards Key West as a Cat 4.  All tourists were evacuated Saturday and mandatory resident evacuation has been ordered starting today, Sunday 8am.  Check out www.realtraffic.com to see the traffic on US1 out of the Keys.  Last time I looked, the road was empty! Down here, our plans for leaving change every 6 hours along with the National Hurricane Center computer models.  My Family and I have cousins in Boca Raton that have opened their home to us, thank God.  However, we aren’t sure if we are leaving or not.  We will watch the 5:00pm report and decide after that.  Ike is a 4 right now but if it goes over Cuba it could come off as a 1 or a 2 in which case we will probably not leave.  The tricky part is figuring out which direction the storm is traveling.  Right now it is still tracking WSW which is good for us.  But when it comes off of Cuba it could jog North and that could mean trouble.  AND, since Cuba is only 90 miles away, that doesn’t give us any time to get out! What to do!!? It’s crazy I tell you!

Which brings me to my Hurricane Ike recipe of the day.  Bollito.  It’s a cut of beef that you cook in a bag, with onions, garlic, olive oil or mojo and a couple of teaspoons of flour.  Cook 20 min. per pound to medium rare.  Slice and serve on Cuban or french bread during the hurricane. Yum!

What am I doing today? Watching football with my Family of course! I will bake a coconut cake to have on hand to either take to my Cousin’s in Boca as a gesture of gratitude or we will simply enjoy it along with our bollito sandwiches while watching the world blow by….literally.